K100 Color Blast Ecru/Pastel Green

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Bovenstuk: 100% biologisch katoenen canvas, bestand tegen zonlicht - Zool: 100% TPR Vegan; voering: canvas - Portugees merk Sanjo - Gemaakt in Portugal - Maattabel in 'Beschrijving'

Ensures that the main chemical nature of the material does not correspond to fibers of animal origin (fur, leather, silk, wool or down).

Compliance with the carbon footprint reduction plan. Specific actions to reduce IEC emissions released into the atmosphere as a result of manufacturing.

With the GOTS certificate, we guarantee compliance with social, environmental, health and safety standards. Security in our company and we value certified fabrics for all our markets.

Size Guide:

You can check which size is most suitable for you in this measurement table. Measure the length of your feet from the heel to the tip of the big toe. Do this for both feet. You should be guided by the foot that has a larger measurement.